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Bullet Hell Simulator: Superhot Review

The shooter genre has an extremely long history of some of the most exciting and critically acclaimed games ever made. You’ve got Halo, Star Wars, Uncharted, and a lot more that I’m sure you probably know. What if I told you there was another bullet hell game in the series?

You probably won’t believe me, but Superhot is actually the next shooting game to join the fray. Superhot is not a sequel to any of the other shooters, but it is a unique shooter that are fast paced and full of creativity. Unlike the usual shooting games out there, this one is completely different from all of them.

Bullets are a part of the game, but you also have time to think while you’re moving. Every action taken within the game allows you to move at the speed of light in one dimension. You can move as fast as you want, as many times as you want, and move through as many levels as you want.

The most outstanding feature of Superhot is the combat. In the beginning, the gameplay is fairly simple, since you’re not using guns, but soon you’ll discover how complex the combat can be. The bullets that are used only have a limited number of bullets before they explode. If you can shoot all of the bullets before they explode, you’ll earn more points.


The best thing about Superhot is how quickly you become familiar with it. It’s very difficult, but never frustrating. The graphics are very realistic, and the controls are incredibly easy to use.

One of the main flaws of the game is the ability to choose from a bullet hell type level or a level that’s more conventional. Most people choose to play on the bullet hell level, because it’s faster and doesn’t really require much thinking. However, once you get to the conventional levels, you’ll find that you have no clue how to move forward.

This is where you’ll find yourself making mistakes, which will eventually make you feel frustrated. The lack of design is somewhat annoying, but since there are so many things to do, it’s a minor concern. It’s never too hard to earn money in Superhot, but it does take some time.

In terms of value, the story is weak, but the game itself is very hard and challenging, making it a better choice for those looking for something a little more challenging than what Bullet Hell is all about. Even if you hate playing this type of game, it is still worth it to play this one once.

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