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A Review of Overwatch

Overwatch is the latest shooter on the market and is proving to be an interesting addition to the shooting genre. Being developed by Blizzard Entertainment, the same developers behind the World of Warcraft series, this is a game that caters for a very young audience. However, it’s a gaming version of the latest hit movie, so it’s not just intended for children either.

You get to choose between four heroes as you choose to play. For example, one is the healer, and another is the gun-wielding character. For each of them, there is a wide array of different weapons and powers that you can use. In fact, with each character, you get five weapons at the beginning and four more in the future.

One of the things I like about this game is the inclusion of the “heroics” mode. This mode is very simple and easy to use. Unlike the traditional shooting games that require you to aim and shoot each time you are hit, this game has you jumping into the fray on the side of the enemy, collecting some of their health to help you get that much closer to death.

The other mode, you can play this game in is called “capture”. In this mode, the objective is to capture the enemy base. There are a lot of things you can do with this mode, such as getting that last bit of the enemy base, but if you miss, your objective is destroyed and the rest of the enemies will continue to kill you.

Like most shooting games, there are also several maps in Overwatch. The locations are what make up each “world” and you will spend most of your time playing on these worlds, getting points for kills and winning the game. Unlike other games, however, you can choose to play a specific map and control it to win.


With each map, there are two types of players: the attackers and the defenders. Each type of character, such as the Scout, Soldier, or Spy, is more effective on the type of character they are. When you die, you respawn with one point instead of losing a life and getting another. It’s an interesting change that allows you to decide when to attack or defend, making the game more interesting.

For anyone who is a fan of Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch is definitely worth checking out. They may have gone back to basics when creating this game, but the result is something that works and looks great. And for those of us who like to see the destruction of the battlefield, this is an enjoyable and new type of game.

Overwatch has been rated for all platforms, even PC. So whether you are looking for an easy and fun new shooting game or are a veteran in the world of shooting games, Overwatch will give you something to enjoy.

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