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A Review of Half-Life – An Overview of the Game

While the more common first person shooter has been eclipsed by its new franchise, the Half-Life series, there is one shooter that makes up for lost time and that’s the Half-Life. This shooter may have come out a little later than some of the other games in the series but there are still enough reasons to get into it that you should be able to finish the game as fast as possible.

The first thing you need to know about this shooting game is that it isn’t nearly as easy as the older games. While the developers have managed to get a lot of the glitches that used to plague the older games worked out, they still managed to make a decent amount of them. These glitches are present in all of the games in the series, but they are placed in a good place where they can easily be taken care of by anyone who is dedicated enough to go after them.

The physics engine used in Half-Life is as good as it has ever been. As far as first person shooters go, this is one of the best physics engines out there. In fact, there is even a physics pack that was released with the game that makes this engine even better.

The game has a very well rounded gun system. With these guns, the player will be able to pull off some pretty crazy things. You can set the gravity gun to shoot at different points of the gravity gun, which is very cool.


When you are in the power armor you get to fly around as well. This can also be used for offense, but it is a bit difficult to do so without a bit of help. There are guns you can fire through the power armor and you should take advantage of this.

The multiplayer is really well done and is a lot of fun if you like to play with friends online. The only real downfall to the multiplayer in this game is that the maps are not huge and there is not a lot of variety in terms of maps or weapon choices.

As far as the controls go in this first person shooter, they are very basic. You have a left stick to move your character and you have two movement keys that control your speed and orientation. This means that you have to be careful when you are learning the controls because you can easily get lost.

Overall, Half-Life is a good shooter for the players who are looking for a quick, fun first person shooter. Although there are a lot of glitches that crop up, it is still worth playing just to try to learn about the mechanics involved in this game. There are a lot of great levels and you will be able to see how well the multiplayer is implemented into the first person shooter genre.

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